NSK, RHP, PPL and Neuweg – all brands have been well known for decades and have a proven track record for their products and services. In fact, these brands have been part of the NSK Group for a very long time. With good reason: they use the same manufacturing and quality processes and are certified to relevant industry standards. Further, the people behind the NSK Europe brands share the same attitude: customer satisfaction through dedication, going above and beyond, striving for perfection – always being one step ahead.

Nippon Seiko KK, or NSK for short, was founded in 1916. The name translates as Japanese Precision Elements. The company quickly grew and its first subsidiary outside Japan was established in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1963. From here NSK started to grow over the continent with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Turkey, France, Italy and Poland.

RHP is an UK-based brand and was founded in 1969. The letters stand for the three major British bearing manufacturers Ransome & Marles Bearing Co., Hoffmann Manufacturing Co. and Pollard Ball & Roller bearing Co. All have origins dating back as far as 1898. And this is an impressive amount of experience in one brand. NSK acquired RHP in 1990 from the UPI Group and it has been a prosperous and proud brand of NSK ever since.

The history of PPL in Poland goes back to 1897. Initially a glass manufacturer, the production of bearings began in 1959. NSK equipped the plant with production lines in 1973 and 1978, and then acquired the plant and PPL brand in 1998. PPL is a very important part of NSK Europe. By the way, it’s the only member of the Group that actually has a bearing in its logo.

The origins of Neuweg go back as far as 1954. It was founded in Germany by former employees of FAG and Claas, hence the green logo. One supplied the know-how; the other, the money. The name Neuweg, which translates as ‘new path’, hints at just that: the founders wanted to forge new paths in the production of bearings. And they did just that – indeed so successfully that NSK acquired the company from the UPI Group in 1990.

Different DNA. Same Attitude.

These words sum up what this campaign is all about. Different brands with different backgrounds and different origins share the same attitude – towards customers, challenges and quality. Who would be better suited to embody the idea of a shared attitude than athletes from different sports? They all do different things and yet they are driven by the same will to improve in what they do. This analogy is at the heart of this campaign. Do you want to find out more about that? Click below and check out the campaign!

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